Bugs and Boars and Photos of Bolivia

If you’ve read my blog before, then you probably know that my favorite website for information about living abroad is Transitions Abroad. Well I’m proud to say that my story Bugs and Boars in the Bolivian Jungle was awarded 3rd place in their 2015 Narrative Travel Contest. Please click the link for the story.

Bugs and Boars TCampbell 1

The story takes place half a day up the Beni River, a large tributary of the Amazon, from Rurrenabaque, a small town in the Bolivian jungle.

Bugs and Boars TCampbell 6

In total I spent about a month in Bolivia, mostly in La Paz:


If you are wondering why the quality of these photos is so bad, it’s because I took them with a disposable camera. My digital camera – filled with a month of photos from Ecuador and Peru, including Machu Picchu – was stolen when I was poking around the market in this photo:


La Paz is built in a valley below the broad altiplano, a very high flat area. You can see the edge of it here:


There´s good hiking all around.


After La Paz I went to Rurrenabaque, where I went into the jungle, and after that I traveled across small towns in eastern Bolivia.


Back to La Paz – one of the tourist things to do, but really cool, is to ride a bicycle down the “World’s Most Dangerous Road,” which goes from high up in the mountains above La Paz all the way down to the jungle.

IMG_9555 copy


Thanks, and please click the link for my story Bugs and Boars in the Bolivian Jungle.


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  1. Hey, the photos are not bad at all. Film is a nice change-up and I’ve always though the disposable cam pics came out kinda cool.

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