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Tips for Flying in Mexico and Finding Cheap Domestic Flights

No Hay Bronca

Mexico’s discount airlines and general airport information

Updated January 2020


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Unless you enjoy excessive air conditioning, bad movies in loud Spanish, or sleeping sitting up, don’t take a long-distance bus between major cities in Mexico, at least not before checking the price of domestic flights.

This isn’t because long distance buses are dangerous or unreasonably uncomfortable. In fact, for most independent travelers in Mexico, the bus is the way to go. A variety of bus companies with competitive prices travel all over the country, and riding them can be a fun experience that brings you closer to the locals. Second- and third-class buses are often surprisingly cheap, and though expensive, first-class buses are much nicer than Greyhound, with big reclining seats and plenty of legroom.

But a flight from, say, Mexico City to Cancun is bound to be cheaper than the first-class…

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The essentials for being an expat

Once again, thank you to Transitions Abroad for choosing my story, “3 Essentials You Need to Be an Expat,” as the second-place winning article for their expatriate writing contest.


This is the fourth year now that one of my articles has been chosen as a winner in this contest. You can check out all the 2018 winners here.

It’s easy to take a vacation in a fun and beautiful country like Mexico and decide you want to move there. It’s a lot harder once you’re faced with the practicalities of moving abroad.

In other articles, I’ve described the specific things you must do to move to Mexico. This new article, however, is more about what to expect in another country, not only Mexico, and how to prepare yourself. I also discuss the personality types that are best suited to living abroad. And money, of course.

Please click the link for the article, and thanks again to Transitions Abroad for being such a great supporter of my writing over the years.

With so many places to visit in Mexico, where should you go?

During my eight years living in Mexico, I’ve done a lot of traveling: to all kinds of beaches, up mountains and volcanos, to jungles in the north and south, to deserts full of cacti and Joshua trees, to tranquil small towns where Spanish is a second language, and all around the madness of Mexico City.


I describe five of my favorite places in my newest article for Transitions Abroad: 5 Routes and Regions for an Authentic Mexican Visit.

Sure, I love the beauty and convenience of popular tourist spots like Los Cabos and the Mayan Riviera. I’d recommend them to anyone. But if you’ve already been there, or are looking for something a little different (and cheaper), then check out the places in the article.

Sure, some of them, like the hippy hangouts and expat communities of Oaxaca, are firmly on the beaten path. But you’ll still find a more authentic and adventurous experience there, instead of staying in a fancy resort with all your bland tacos and watered-down drinks included.

Please click the link for the article, and as always I welcome any comments or questions.


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