Travel in Costa Rica

I’d like to thank my favorite travel website Transitions Abroad for publishing my newest story Do It Yourself Travel in Costa Rica. Please click the link for the story and lots of photos. Below are some more.


Costa Rica was an easy trip from Mexico: After a few hours on a direct flight, we arrived in the capital San Jose, where we rented a car and drove all day to a hotel cabin outside Volcan Tenorio National Park, famous for the multicolored Rio Celeste.


National Parks were our priority in Costa Rica. Besides Tenorio, we also spent a day of hiking at the foot of another volcano, Arenal, and then spent several days at Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Ocean, stopping on the way at Carara National Park. All four were quite different: rainforests from distinct ecosystems, mountains or coast, and always lots of animals.


Below is a Capuchin monkey in Manuel Antonio National Park. We also saw squirrel monkeys, coati, agouti, deer, crocodiles, caimans, lots of lizards like iguanas and chameleons, countless birds, and a sloth. (Read about the sloth in the article.)


San Jose was an interesting place to walk around for a few hours before we returned the rental car and flew back to Mexico.


And yes, we did the zipline thing. This is supposedly the longest zipline in Central America, about 8/10 of a mile. Very fun and worthwhile.


Exploring Costa Rica by car and on foot was a fantastic trip for many reasons, especially for the nature. I hope to go back soon. Read more about it and get lots of advice in Do It Yourself Travel in Costa Rica.


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