With so many places to visit in Mexico, where should you go?

During my eight years living in Mexico, I’ve done a lot of traveling: to all kinds of beaches, up mountains and volcanos, to jungles in the north and south, to deserts full of cacti and Joshua trees, to tranquil small towns where Spanish is a second language, and all around the madness of Mexico City.


I describe five of my favorite places in my newest article for Transitions Abroad: 5 Routes and Regions for an Authentic Mexican Visit.

Sure, I love the beauty and convenience of popular tourist spots like Los Cabos and the Mayan Riviera. I’d recommend them to anyone. But if you’ve already been there, or are looking for something a little different (and cheaper), then check out the places in the article.

Sure, some of them, like the hippy hangouts and expat communities of Oaxaca, are firmly on the beaten path. But you’ll still find a more authentic and adventurous experience there, instead of staying in a fancy resort with all your bland tacos and watered-down drinks included.

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New Editions of My Guidebooks to Cancun/Mayan Riviera and Chiapas

I’m pleased to say that I have updated both of my guidebooks (in May 2018): the Cancun and Mayan Riviera 5-Day Itinerary (4th Edition) and Your Chiapas Adventure: San Cristobal de las Casas and Palenque, Mexico 5-Day Itinerary (2nd Edition).

Both guides are published by Unanchor, which means that they are more than guidebooks, but detailed itineraries to each region. You don’t have to follow the itineraries exactly, however–in both I give lots of options: activities that are relaxing or adventurous, beaches that are world famous or barely visited, gourmet restaurants or public markets, and fancy hotels in colonial mansions or rustic bungalows in the jungle.

In sum, the guides are for travelers who want practical, detailed information so they can travel independently and make the most of their trip. Either guide will pay for itself the first time you follow my advice for a restaurant, hotel, museum, or public transportation. I even include inside tips for traveling to other destinations in Mexico by bus, plane, or rental car.

You don’t need a Kindle to read the guidebooks–you can download a free Kindle reader from Amazon. Or you can buy the .pdf version directly from Unanchor.com.


Cancun and Mayan Riviera 5-Day Itinerary (4th Edition)

Updated May 2018. 

Most famous for Cancun, the Mayan Riviera is Mexico’s travel wonderland, a jungle coastline of white-sand beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, laid-back colonial towns, and cenotes—the crystal-clear, freshwater caves and sinkholes found throughout the flat limestone sponge of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Many visitors stay at a resort in Cancun. These all-inclusive monstrosities can be a good deal. You’ll be right on the beach, have a pool, get unlimited food and drinks, and all-in-all have a fun, relaxing vacation.

But even if the package includes some tours, you won’t get to know Mexico… Read more at Amazon.com (or click the book icon):

Also available here at unanchor.com.


Your Chiapas Adventure: San Cristobal de las Casas and Palenque, Mexico 5-Day Itinerary (2nd Edition)

Updated May 2018. 

One of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, colonial San Cristobal de las Casas sits in a wide valley of the forested Central Highlands in the southern state of Chiapas. Founded in 1528, it’s not polished to a museum shine, but not rundown either. Its vibrant international scene blends seamlessly with the local Mayan population, many of whom come from nearby autonomous communities protected by the Zapatista army.

About five hours away is Palenque, an enormous, ancient Mayan city where you can climb tall pyramids and wander down jungle paths while streams bubble and howler monkeys howl.

A visit to Chiapas shows you an exotic side of Mexico full of friendly people and lovely landscapes… Read more at Amazon.com (or click the book icon):

Also available here at unanchor.com.

If you’d like a sample of either guidebook, click the cover of the book in Amazon to see the first ten or so pages. If you’ve already bought an earlier edition, thank you very much! Please write me at nohaybroncablog (at) gmail.com and I’ll send you the new edition.

To get an idea of the style and content of both books, please take a look at these articles:

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If you have any questions, either about the guidebooks or the places described in them, please leave a comment below.

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Hollie Cook in Mexico City

Do you like good music? Reggae, specifically? Do you live in Mexico City? Then may I suggest seeing Hollie Cook this Thursday, May 10.

She’s also playing on Friday night (May 11), but the show’s sold out. The venue is Foro Indierocks, a club in the Roma neighborhood of downtown Mexico City. The opening band for both nights is Mexican reggae group Malamar.

She’s on tour in support of her new album Vessel of Love, which features not only her expressive voice but also a tight reggae band. The following show is on May 12 at the Akamba Festival in the town of Tequila.

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