Views of South Korea, 2002-2004

In 2002 I moved to Shi-hwa, a suburb of Seoul. 104-0418_IMG 105-0527_IMG_2 106-0612_IMG 106-0681_IMG 106-0685_IMG 106-0691_IMG

That’s Shi-Hwa. My apartment was on the left, near the front of the picture: 113-1301_IMG

You don’t go hungry at a Korean restaurant: 113-1368_IMG

Good friends in our favorite bar: 113-1373_IMG 114-1414_IMG

A wedding. They don’t mind photos by strangers: 114-1424_IMG 114-1473_IMG

Climb a mountain, buy a cold beer: 114-1495_IMG

More to come in the next post…

About Ted Campbell

U.S./Canadian writer, translator and professor in Mexico. Travel stories and practical tips on my blog No Hay Bronca: // Twitter: @NoHayBroncaBlog // Contact: nohaybroncablog (at)

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