Read my contest-winning story about Ecuador

Once again I must thank the good people at the fine website Transitions Abroad for choosing my story, Lunch Under the Volcano, as a third-place winner of their Narrative Travel Contest.

(This is my third year winning third place in this contest.)

Ecuador is a fascinating country that lives up to the travel cliche “a land of contrasts” — nice people, colonial cities, and dramatic changes in landscape from high in the mountains to down to the coast. The story is about my attempt to climb a volcano next to the small town of Banos.

lunch under volcano 1lunch under volcano 3 Transitions Abroad is an excellent resource for all kinds of information about traveling and living abroad. They also host several contests a year. The next one is the Expatriate Writing Contest — fellow travel writers, check it out!


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  1. I can’t figure out how to leave a comment on your site, but just want to say how much I’m enjoying listen to songs in Spanish and trying to sing along. Great idea. I’ll never be tempted to climb up a volcano and admire your spirit and willingness to do so. Did you ever make it to the top? Thanks for an image-rich story. Sandra

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for the comment. (I approve them first — maybe that was why you were having trouble.) Which songs are you listening to? And, no, I didn’t make it even close to the top, but since then I’ve climbed others.

  2. I’m not that adventurous but I love reading stories of travelers who are willing to suffer cold and hunger. Did you ever reach the top of the volcano? Have been following your listening and trying to sing along to songs in Spanish. What a great idea. Thanks

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