Volunteering at the Cumbre Tajin Festival, Mexico: Tool by Night, Traditional Pottery by Day (photos)

Thanks a lot to the Yucatan Times for publishing my story about volunteering for Cumbre Tajin.

Besides seeing a lot of great music: Tool, Primus, Jack Johnson, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Puscifer, Illya Kuryaki and the Valderamas, Babasonicos, Jenny and the Mexicats, Banda el Recodo – I worked as a volunteer in the traditional pottery cabin, spending all day with my new Totonaca friends.

Click the link for the story.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and here are some more photos from the festival:

cumbre tajin 9

cumbre tajin 10

cumbre tajin 11

10,000 Days anyone?

cumbre tajin 13

Working pottery in the alfareria

cumbre tajin 12

Every morning began with a prayer and ceremony

cumbre tajin 5

Totonaca artists getting water

cumbre tajin 3

Totonaca parade

cumbre tajin 8

How cool is this guy?

cumbre tajin 14

Local band warming up

cumbre tajin 15

Papantla flyers preparing to fly

cumbre tajin 16

The Tajin archeological site

cumbre tajin 1

Thanks to all my new friends for a great experience


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