Toluca la Bella – Beautiful Toluca

Toluca used to be known as Toluca la Bella. Nowadays few Mexicans would say that – even those who live here, and especially those who don’t live here but may have traveled though industrial outskirts or hit a few potholes on the maze of highways that suddenly become clogged three lane streets, with the two lanes on the side full of illegally parked cars.

But I say Toluca is beautiful. At those beautiful moments I never have my camera, but sometimes I do. These are the pictures from those moments. From my roof (azotea) you can see Toluca’s big volcano Xinantectl:

One of four churches whose bells are within earshot. This one is especially loud at 6 AM:

This one is louder:

I work here, sometimes:

A stroll through downtown, also at sunset:

The Cosmovitral:

Los Portales:

La Vaquita Negra:

Just have to throw a mountain biking shot in here:

Interesting way to sell aquariums:

I took this one through the lense of a telescope on my roof:

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  1. Gorgeous moon shot, I am considering whether or not I want to spend my first night of my arrival in Toluca since I fly into that airport, your post now has me seriously considering it 😀

    • Toluca’s a nice place – if you come don’t stay by the airport but come into downtown (centro), which is about 40 minutes from there.

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