I leave you with a photo of the view from my apartment. I wish you all a wonderful 2012.


About Ted Campbell

U.S.-Canadian writer, translator and university teacher in Mexico. Travel stories and practical tips on my blog No Hay Bronca: nohaybronca.wordpress.com Twitter: @NoHayBroncaBlog // Contact: nohaybroncablog (at) gmail.com

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  1. Love the photo you got Churches….I got the Mountains!

  2. Rodney here.

    I run a blog called My Spanish Notes (http://www.myspanishnotes.blogspot.com) which is about helping myself and others learn Spanish, particularly Mexican Spanish. One of the reasons I do it is because a long term goal of mine is to live in Mexico from anywhere for a few months to a years, to eventually retiring there. In the meantime, I’m trying to get as much as a handle as I can on language, culture and life in Mexico, which brings me to why I read your blog.

    You’ve probably talked about this at some point already, but I simply haven’t made the time to go through your entire blog. I would like to know how you ended up living and working in Mexico. I haven’t foggiest idea how to even begin to pursue my dream.

    Thanks for time the time to post all of these great entries. I hope you continue to post for a long time, as I’m living vicariously through you. :>)

    • Hey Rodney, I just had a quick look at your blog and it’s great! I love street language and Mexican slang and I like getting your take on it. One of my first posts was about slang here.

      I moved to Mexico just under two years ago. I’m an English teacher and have been for a long time. I came here and applied for jobs and then got the visa.

      So here’s the short story for moving here cold, assuming you aren’t a teacher but would be open to it, with the goal of living in Mexico. Do you have a bachelor’s degree? In anything? With that and a training course, online or here in Mexico (much easier to get a job if you do it here), you could teach. Then apply for residency… I wrote all about that here.

      Thanks for responding and keep in touch!

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