Working in Mexico – the FM3 Visa

This article was published by Transitions Abroad. Please click here to read it.

Welcome to Mexico! (click any image for a larger size)

If you would like more information, check out this series of blogs I wrote about teaching English in Mexico:

This article (also published by Transitions Abroad) is about what it’s like getting a teaching job in Mexico in the first place: ESL Teaching in Mexico as a Freelancer

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  1. Thanks this is a massive help. I’m gonna be starting a blog in the near future about the experiences of my wife and I moving to Mexico City for work so I’ll be keeping up with whatever you write!

  2. The FM-3 does NOT give you permission automatically to work. It only gives you permission to stay in the country for ~360 days, as opposed to the normal tourist visa which I believe allows for 180 days. There is a separate process to obtain working papers, specific to one profession. The FM-3 on its own is only a residency permit.

  3. Hey this was a great help, thanks man

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