A Drinking, Smoking, Womanizing Saint: San Simon / Maximon

I met San Simon (AKA Maximon) in strange corners of Guatemala: dive bars, traditional mask museums, and back-room shrines in private houses in mountain communities. He smokes a cigarette and drinks cushu, Guatemalan moonshine. Like the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, he is the go-to deity for help with all of life’s problems.

Thanks a lot to Transitions Abroad for publishing this story. Click this link to read it.

About Ted Campbell

U.S./Canadian writer, translator and professor in Mexico. Travel stories and practical tips on my blog No Hay Bronca: nohaybronca.wordpress.com // Twitter: @NoHayBroncaBlog // Contact: nohaybroncablog (at) gmail.com

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  1. San Simon Maximon has proved himself to be a hero to me and a strong protector. May his name be blessed.

  2. Nice post man. San Simon rocks! Think I’m a say a praire for him every day from now on. Salud! 😉

  3. There’s a saying that goes… All Saints have a past and all Sinners have a future.
    You fotgot to mention Malverde the Patron Saint of Naarco Cartels.

  4. Hey Buddy! I really enjoyed reading this article. You should send this into Lonely Planet:)

  5. Wow! Why am I just hearing about this guy? I may have just found a new hero.

    • Thanks Rodney. You should check out Guatemala. You get a whole other world of slang. Again I’m digging your language blog. Where do you learn all this from? Do you travel down here?

      Cool man, keep writing.

      • Sorry for the super delayed answer, but I just saw this.

        Until recently, almost everyone who speaks Spanish I know has been Mexican. Also, I’ve been traveling to Tijuana once or twice a year for about 6 years.

        One day my dream is to live in Mexico like yourself, and possibly even retire in Mexico. So with that in mind, I’ve dedicated myself to not only learning Spanish, but specifically Mexican Spanish.

        I love your blog. Until I can get to Mexico, I’m living vicariously through you. Keep the posts coming and thanks for reading my blog!

  6. Ted! I’ve been reading through your blog and so far this is my favorite entry.
    Cheers to San Simon.

  7. I trust you lit a candle for your father at the San Simon shrine?

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